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About the Artist

Sandra B. Hershson is a mother, a wife, a designer, an artist, a language teacher, and an entrepreneur. Sandra was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  From an early age she was immersed into the art and design world, attending the studios of renown artists to learn to paint with different media and also through her family fashion business. This led her to study interior architecture at IPIM institute in Buenos Aires. She then established a company - Pos Di Nord - and created clothing designs. After living and working in the Caribbean and North Carolina, Sandra now resides in West Hartford, CT

where she paints and continues her design work. 


Sandra's artistic expression sparks from her personal journey and world travel.

Her use of color, doorways and flowers are a reflection of depth, hope and positive energy.  

Blossoming 24 x 36 SOLD
Still Flourishing 24 x 36 SOLD
Woman in Swirls 12 x 36
Reflections 36 x 48
Pomegranates 24 x 48 SOLD
Yellow Flowers on Blues 24 x 48
Her Happiness 30 x 48 SOLD
The Golden Flowers 30 x 40 SOLD
While You Were Here 30 x 48 SOLD
Thinking Flowers 24 x 36
Contained 24 x 36
Home 48 x 36
Path in Marrakech 48 x 36
Life in Circles Collage
Water for Him 48 x 36 SOLD
The Golem City 12 x 36
The Golden City 36 x 36
Flower Chain 12 x 36
Flowers in the Dark 15 x 30
Round Pompons 11 x 14
Pompons in Vase 11 x 14
Pompons Flowers 12 x 16
Inspiration 48 x 36 SOLD
Another World SOLD
My Heart is With You 24 x 36
Eastern Moon 24 x 36
When One Door Closes 24 x 36 SOLD
Women in Psalms 24 x 48 SOLD
Lace 24 x 36 Collage SOLD
Together 48 x 36
Here We Go 15 x 30 SOLD
Canaan Goats 30 x 48 SOLD
Goats in Fez 20 x 24
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